Walking on Dartmoor

Dartmoor is a walker's paradise, with just about every landscape you can think of all within the National Park, you can do everything from mild, gentle strolls to full on hikes without having to leave the beauty of park. 

Walks for everyone

Whether you want to plan your own route or follow a well loved one, you'll find a huge number of walking trails throughout the National Park that range from a couple of miles to 12 miles plus. As the landscape features everything from heathland to woodland to open moorland, make sure to check the weather and conditions before heading out - no one wants to lose a boot in the mud after all! 

Stay safe

Dartmoor is home to a lot of wildlife and livestock and you will likely come across them while exploring. Be careful to not disturb or feed any of the animals, it's illegal to feed the ponies and although they are privately owned, they are wild. There are also cows and sheep using the moor to graze, cows in particular can be temperamental, especially when they have young, so give any cattle plenty of space and be prepared to change your route during calving season. 

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