As spooky season begins, we thought we’d give you the low down on some of the spookiest sites across North Devon. From shipwrecks to supposed spirits, there are plenty of places to get into the Halloween spirit.

Morte Point

Mortehoe and in particular Morte Point are some of the most beautiful places in North Devon – but their beauty is marred by some pretty gruesome history.

Firstly, the name – Morte Point literally translates into Death Point in Latin – that would be spooky enough even if you didn’t have its long history of shipwrecks.

It isn’t just shipwrecks that the area is known for, the village of Mortehoe was popular with smugglers and because it was illegal to take cargo if anyone on the ship were still alive, smugglers and wreckers would have to make sure that there were no crew members left on board. So, despite its beauty, Mortehoe was once a pretty terrifying place.

The Devil’s Stone

In the village of Shebbear is a Devil Stone – the large stone is said to have been dropped by the devil himself as he fell from heaven to hell. Every year on 5th November, the villagers come together to turn the stone over to ward off the devil and protect the village.

Other theories of where the stone came from is that travelling druids brought it, though there is no confirmed origin and no one really knows where the stone or the legend actually came from.

Apart from the stone, the nearby inn which is named after it is also said to be haunted, so you get double the spook in Shebbear!

The Bideford Witch Trials

You’ve heard of the Salem Witch Trials, but have you heard of the Bideford Witch Trials? The North Devon town of Bideford was the home of the last women ever to be hanged in England’s witch trials during the middle ages. Three women, Temperance Lloyd, Mary Trembles and Susannah Edwards were all found guilty of witchcraft and were sentenced to death. They received their penalty in Exeter.

These are just some of the spooky spots you can find in North Devon, the region is also home to a number of haunted houses and castle ruins with pretty gory history, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled if you’re visiting over the Halloween season!