It won't surprise anyone that we love Sidmouth and one thing we love just as much as being in Sidmouth is looking at your photos of Sidmouth! 
Here are some of our favourite photos we've seen recently that we've shared on our Instagram and thought we'd shout about while we get excited about the changing seasons and looking forward to seeing what you post as we come into Spring! 

Firstly, here's one from @aspect_images_photography, making us feel a bit nostalgic about the Christmas season. Sidmouth always looks so beautiful with the lights in the high street at that time of year!  instagram preview of sidmouth highstreet

Looking back a bit further, another photo that we've been loving is this very autumnal shot from @photography_try_hard

instagram preview of steps

Though we find it hard to choose which part of Sidmouth we love to see on our feed, we have to say that shots of the seafront and the coast are some of our absolute favourites, especially in the winter when it looks as dramatic as this from @_toby_bish_! 

instagram preview of the sea

While some of you might be dreaming of being on the airplane in this next one, we're quite happy to sit on the beach right here in Sidmouth and admire those wintery skies. This photo is from @purplejaguar23 on Instagram. 


instagram preview of evening sky in sidmouth

And we're always a sucker for a bright yellow sky! It reminds us that warmer days are ahead and it doesn't hurt that @steve_andrews_photography did such a good job with this one! 

sunny skys in sidmouth

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