Whether you are a seasoned pro or you’re visiting Sidmouth Airshow Regatta for the first time, we want you to have an incredible day, which is why we have put together the following tips to help you make memories to last a lifetime.

Sidmouth Airshow and Regatta is one of the biggest events to take place in the town and takes place annually over the August Bank Holiday weekend. It all kicks off on Friday with entertainment all day for the whole family, before the Air Show begins, followed by Regatta events until Monday. Every year, around 20,000 visitors come to Sidmouth for the event, which is why we have compiled a list of hints and tips to make sure you don’t miss out on anything!


  1. Make sure to plan in advance
    This is one of the biggest events of the year and so if you’re staying for the whole Regatta, you will need to make sure you have somewhere to stay, as well as checking the roads and parking as this maybe limited compared to other times of the year.
    You can find out about parking for the event here.
  2. Arrive early
    Like we said, it gets busy, so if you’re coming for the day, make sure to leave early to ensure you don’t spend all day queuing or trying to get to where you need to be.
  3. Be prepared for any weather!
    It’s Britain, so be prepared for everything from heat waves to snow and frost! Make sure to have sun cream, sun glasses and a hat on hand to protect you from heat stroke and to bring a light rain coat in case of any drizzles. You can grab a hat and an umbrella from the Sidmouth shop ahead of time here.
  4. Stay hydrated
    It doesn’t matter whether the weather is hot or cold, make sure to listen to your body and stay hydrated – if you’re thirsty, the process has already started! No one wants to miss out on the Red Arrows because they’ve passed out because of lack of hydration! Don’t forget, you can even get reusable bottles from the Sidmouth shop here.
  5. Wear sensible shoes
    You’ll be on your feet for most of the day, so make sure you’re wearing something comfortable.
  6. Bring ear defenders
    Especially if you’re travelling with children, these events can get very loud and can be very overwhelming for children or anyone with a sensory condition like Autism or dementia. Wearing ear defenders will also help with the loud noises of the plane engines.
  7. Make sure your phone/cameras are charged
    No one wants to run out of battery right when you’re trying to capture happy moments from the day or catch the planes and boats doing their thing. You can also keep up to date with all the latest news from the day by checking in with social media during the weekend, you can follow us @visitsidmouth and we will keep you updated!
  8. Keep cash on hand
    Though the majority of businesses will accept card, there is always the possibility of machines dying or Applepay having a funny five minutes, so have some cash to hand, just in case.
  9. Leave the town and beachfront as you find it
    Sidmouth is a beautiful place, so make sure to keep the area around you as clean as you can, either use the bins or take your rubbish home with you. 


For the most up to date information about the airshow and Regatta, check here, and have a fabulous day! We’d love to hear about your experiences, so don’t forget you can tag us in your photos and social posts, we’re @visitsidmouth