Happy National Cream Tea Day! Whether you’re in Sidmouth or at home wishing you were in Sidmouth, today is the perfect day to enjoy a cream tea the Devon way!

National Cream Tea Day falls on the last Friday in June every year, with this year’s event taking place on 25th June. The Cream Tea Society are hosting their usual celebratory events, with plenty happening online, but if you’re lucky enough to be in Sidmouth it is as good a time as any to make sure you have a traditional Devonshire Cream Tea.

Cream Teas have been beloved in the West Country since Victorian times and its not hard to see why. In the South West, we have the very best clotted cream and home made jams and you can’t enjoy a cream tea without either of those things! The only thing that is really debated is how exactly to eat a cream tea while in Devon – the answer is to always go cream first.

Here is a brief run down of cream tea etiquette for enjoying a cream tea while in Sidmouth this National Cream Tea Day.


  1. Make sure to get a quality pot of tea. If you’re visiting one of the town’s hotels/cafes they will know exactly which tea works best.
  2. Depending on what Covid regulations are in place, you might have to skip this bit but the person who sits nearest the pot should pour for everyone, so if you don’t want the responsibility, don’t sit nearest the pot!
  3. Tea has to go in the cup before the milk. Of course, if you’ve had your tea made for you, someone will do this before serving you, but if you’re serving, tea, then milk, then whatever sweetener you have.
  4. The cream and the jam should be placed on the table in their own pots, rather than just scooping away willy nilly, make sure to spoon your desired amount onto your plate before spreading them on your scones.
  5. Like we said, cream, then jam. You’re in Devon, do it properly.
  6. Enjoy!


Where are your favourite places to eat a cream tea while in Sidmouth? Let us know!