Did you know that 8th May is World Donkey Day? Well now you know and as Sidmouth is home to the Donkey Sanctuary, it is the perfect place to celebrate!

Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary is open every day from 9am until 5pm with free admission and a host of fun activities taking place all year around. As World Donkey Day is approaching, we thought we’d compile some of our favourite donkey related facts, to help make your next trip to the sanctuary all the more interesting.

Did you know that donkeys are really into hygiene and will refuse to drink water if they think it is too dirty? They also love to clean and groom each other.

Did you know that donkeys  have incredible memories? They can remember places they’ve been to before and can recognise other donkeys and people, even if they haven’t seen them for years. Donkeys also feel sorrow, especially if they are separated from people or other donkeys. They’re incredibly social animals who live in herds and can become depressed if left on their own.

Did you know that there are over 186 breeds of donkey? It’s believed that there are 44 million of them across the world!

Did you know that a donkey’s natural habitat are deserts? That’s one reason why they like to be in warm and dry places. In their desert environment they dig their hooves into the ground to find water, which also helps other creatures stay hydrated. So basically, donkeys are like the superhero of the animal world! That’s not all, they are very safety conscious and won’t go into any situation that they think might be dangerous – that’s one of the reasons why so many people think they are stubborn!

Lastly, you know a donkey’s large ears? They’re that big so that they can hear each other over long distances. Donkeys don’t only bray either, they also grunt, squeal, whiff, snort and growl!

Now you know more about these amazing creatures, you can start planning your trip to Sidmouth to spend time with them!