We’ve had some lovely warm weather over the past few months, perfect for creating a splash by heading to the adventure coast! North Devon is the surf capital of the UK and the UK’s only Surf Reserve, but it isn’t just surfing on offer – there are loads of ways you can cool off in North Devon without having to jump on a board, like wild swimming.

Wild swimming is a great way to cool off during the warmer months and a way to feel exhilarated during the winter. If you’re looking for some swimming spots, here are some lovely places to visit while in North Devon.

The River Barle, Exmoor

The Barle flows all the way from the Somerset moors down to the River Exe and is the largest river on Exmoor. As a Site of Special Scientific Interest, it is teaming with wildlife, including salmon, otters and water birds, but even better – the water is crystal clear. There are several spots along the Barle where you can take a dip, but we would recommend heading towards Simonsbath. There is an iron age settlement here and a calm, open section of water which is popular with swimmers.

Watersmeet, Exmoor

Being managed by the National Trust means this is a popular spot for visitors, there is a car park and even a tearoom where you can get refreshments and enjoy a traditional cream tea. Once here, follow the river along to Long Pool, which is shaded and has the impression of being much more remote, you can even bring your dog with you!

Broadsands, Combe Martin

This cove can be found near Combe Martin town centre and is pretty secluded, hidden as it is by wooded cliffs. The water has an incredible turquoise colour, so in the summer you can easily imagine that you’re somewhere more exotic. The cove is shaded and has a lovely shingle beach and some caves to discover, just be aware that it is a bit more difficult to get to than other places on this list as there is a bit of a climb.

Woolacombe Beach, Woolacombe

As Britain’s best beach, Woolacombe is a popular place to for a whole host of beach activities. The shallows are perfect for paddling, while the inlets and further out, larger waves ideal for swimming. Some areas of the beach offer stronger waves while others are calmer, so whether you’re a confident swimmer or just want to give it a go, you’ll find a spot that is perfect for you.

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