The Exmoor National Park is one of the most picturesque and fascinating places in the region. Here’s five fascinating things you might not know about the moor. Did you already know any of these? Or are these all new to you? Let us know!

  • There are plants growing on Exmoor that can’t be found anywhere else.
    These plant species include two species of white beam tree which are endemic to the west country and even more specifically, variations that only grow in the National Park. There are a number of other incredibly rare plants that can be found on Exmoor too.
  • Exmoor has the highest and lowest tides in Europe
    The Bristol channel has the second highest tidal range in the world after the Bay Fundy in Canada, where the difference between high and low tide ranges up to 50ft. On Exmoor, the tide varies considerably depending on where you are in the National Park.
  • Exmoor has the highest sea cliffs on the British Mainland
    As well as varied tides, Exmoor also has the highest coastline on the British mainland. It reaches a height of 1350ft at some points.
  • The highest altitude beech trees grow here
    Beech trees grow at greater altitudes on Exmoor than anywhere else in Britain.
  • Exmoor is reportedly one of the earth’s oldest features.
    Apparently, it dates back 200 million years!