If you don’t know us already, we’re creators of the digital guest welcome book. A more eco-friendly and hygienic alternative to printed guest information folders (they’re far easier to update too!).

If you’re already familiar with our product, then you might love to know that we’ve recently launched Memo - our shiny new guest notification tool!

Memo makes it even easier to put your guidebook in guests' hands by scheduling email/SMS notifications to have them diving deep into your recommendations, guidelines and must-see tips.

Cracking features include:

  • Ready-to-go templates
  • Customisable messages
  • As many email or SMS alerts as you need

Our users asked for more ways to get their guests opening their guidebooks and reading all their tips, rules and recommendations. We built Memo! It’s designed to prompt guests to delve into your guidebook and find specific information at the most relevant time prior to, during, or after their stay.

Users are also applying the scheduling tool to remind cleaning teams of changeovers and the like.

There’s a one-time setup of message templates. Just add each new booking to the tool and guests will receive your notifications. One more step towards reducing guest questions even more effectively.

Touch Stay is an independent business founded in the UK and with customers all over the world. Millions of guests access our guidebooks every year to make the most of their stay in a place and destination.

In creating a digital guest welcome book we enable guests to plan their trip better and arrive more prepared (happier and more relaxed). But it’s also a more hygienic and eco-friendly way to serve information to guests.

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