Horseriding on Dartmoor

As Dartmoor is famous for its ponies, it is no surprise that it is such a great place to explore by horseback. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, Dartmoor offers some incredible horseriding experiences, from open moorland, woodland trails, bridleways and just about every other terrain you can think of.

No horse? No problem!

If you don’t have your own horse, or are giving horseriding a go for the first time, don’t worry, Dartmoor is full of excellent riding stables offering tuition, guided trails and horse hire. Some of the horses and ponies available for riding are even creatures that have been collected for training and handling from the moor. Every year, certain ponies that are in surplus are collected and rehomed, so you may even be riding one that came from Dartmoor itself!

The best places to ride

When it comes to riding, there are several popular routes across the National Park. If you’re a beginner or not a confident rider, we would recommend taking your horse to the South East of Dartmoor, particularly if you haven’t ridden over similar terrain before. This area of the park has a number of easier rides but with the same spectacular scenery.

More experienced riders will love to take on the High Moor to the west of the National Park which is more remote. If you want to ride in the more northern areas of Dartmoor, make sure to only do so in pairs or larger groups as many parts are inaccessible and the Ministry of Defence uses the area for training.

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