Well known as one of England’s hubs for creativity, culture, and areas of natural beauty, it’s no secret that North Devon is home to an array of amazing locations.

From pretty villages sat atop dramatic cliff tops to streets brimming with colour and hidden gems found  beneath miles of forestry and moorland, you’re sure to be treated to unrivalled views no matter where you visit.

But which of North Devon’s locations are its most iconic?

Irsha Street, Appledore

Credit: amandaj_s on Instagram


One of North Devon’s prettiest streets, Irsha Street is well known for its lineup of colourful houses, vibrant even on the dreariest of days. Often named North Devon’s ‘rainbow street’, it wouldn’t look out of place on a postcard.

Only a few minutes wander down the road will lead you to Appledore’s quay, with beautiful views across the estuary and out towards Instow, as well as numerous pubs perfect for popping in to grab a quick bite.


Clovelly Village

Credit - Paul Rhodes

Nestled in the North Devon cliffside, Clovelly Village is one of the area’s most unique locations. Known as a historic fishing village, the cobbled streets of Clovelly are entirely car-free, with residents using sledges to transport goods and support the thriving hub of independent shops scattered throughout it.

Famous for its history, royal ancestry and of course its best-loved residents, the Clovelly donkeys, the village is well worth a visit if you’re planning to explore the most stunning locations in North Devon.


Ilfracombe Harbour

Credit: Tracie White

Beneath the looming stature of Damien Hirst’s famous Verity sits the pretty seaside town of Ilfracombe.

With its statue bringing a unique twist of modern art to the harbour, the town lives and breathes culture, with its Landmark Theatre, local aquarium and maritime history. With a Michelin star restaurant marking the town, it is one of North Devon’s culinary hubs, and there’s no shortage of cosy cafes and pubs to be discovered on a day trip too.


Lundy Island

Credit: Sue Howes

Situated 12 miles off the coast of North Devon, Lundy Island is utterly unspoilt and serves as the UK’s very first Marine Conservation Zone. Both the land and water serve as home to unique exhibits of wildlife, making this one of the very best locations to visit for nature enthusiasts.

The island is quiet, perfect for anyone seeking solace from the hustle and bustle of busy towns and cities - whether for a day trip or a short holiday in a hired out property. Full of wildlife, history and offering a vast array of unique outdoorsy activities, Lundy quickly becomes a favourite destination for all who visit it.


Valley of the Rocks


Credit: Linda Thompson


Famous for its unusual geology, and hailed as one of North Devon’s most sublime landscapes, the Valley of Rocks runs parallel to the North Devon coast, alongside the twin villages of Lynton and Lynmouth.

Most famous for its herd of wild goats, and one of the favoured parts of Exmoor National Park, there are few better places to walk and take in the incredible scenery that frames the valley, with sweeping views out over the ocean.

The villages of Lynton and Lynmouth are well worth visiting in themselves, with scatterings of independent attractions and explorative walking routes throughout the valley - that’s without mentioning the Cliff Railway, which offers a water-powered and unique transportation method between the towns.

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