Celebrating Together – Collaboration through Sidmouth’s Festivals Forum

Festival and Event Organisers in Sidmouth are getting together to support one another to become more sustainable and resilient through shared knowledge, initiatives and resource sharing.  Our Festivals Forum, which launched in November 2023, is the mechanism for this collaboration.  Open to all, it aims to be a catalyst for positive change and joint working to festivals large and small.

Statement of Intent

We want to bring together festival organisers in Sidmouth and the surrounding area, to explore and implement sustainable initiatives aimed at reducing costs, minimising carbon footprints and fostering a mutually beneficial system of volunteer support. 

This initiative reflects our shared commitment to creating events that not only celebrate our community but also contribute positively to our environment and overall well-being.

The Festivals Forum will serve as a platform to discuss the specifics of our collaborative efforts, outline action plans and determine the structure of our ongoing communications.

Objectives – Harnessing the Power of Collaborative Action

Cost Reduction

  • Pooling resources and expertise to identify cost-saving measures.
  • Negotiating bulk purchases, shared services and joint marketing efforts to maximise efficiency
  • Creating reusable communications, such as our “Festivals Done Right” Guide for Responsible Festival Goers in East Devon. See below. 

Carbon Footprint Reduction

  • Implementing eco-friendly practices such as waste reduction, recycling programmes, and sustainable energy sources.
  • Encouraging visitors, vendors and participants to adopt environmentally conscious practices, such as eliminating single use transport and encouraging active or sustainable travel options.

Volunteer Bank

  • Establishing a mutual support system where festivals can share volunteers during peak times.
  • Creating a platform for exchanging volunteer resources, skills and training.

Knowledge Sharing

  • Facilitating regular forum meetings and workshops to exchange ideas, best practices and lessons learned.
  • Collaborating on educational initiatives to raise awareness about sustainability among festivalgoers and the community.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

  • Ensuring that festivals are accessible to all members of the community, regardless of physical abilities, socioeconomic status or background.
  • Implementing measures such as accessible infrastructure, inclusive programming and accommodation to foster a welcoming environment for diverse audiences.

The Festivals Forum is open to all festival and event organisers.  To join us or find out more, please email: townclerk@sidmouth.gov.uk.