Spending the summer in Sidmouth and want to get out on the waves? Well, you’re in luck, the Jurassic Coast provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy a whole host of watersports, either on your own or with one of the many companies that operate throughout the summer.

Watersports offer a great way to experience the majesty of the Jurassic Coast in a whole new way, as well as a fun way to stay active while on holiday. They’re also a fun activity that can involve the whole family, especially as many companies offer adapted sessions for visitors with limited mobility or so entire families can take on the waves together.

Whatever you’re into, from kayaking to kitesurfing to paddleboarding, here are some of the best places for watersports across East Devon.


While based in Sidmouth there are plenty of opportunities to experience the Jurassic Coast from the ocean. Sidmouth has long been a popular spot for wild swimmers, with local clubs and visitors enjoying a swim, whatever the weather but during the summer, you’ll often spot people heading out in a kayak, canoe or with a paddle board.

There are several businesses, some of them pop ups that appear over the summer, who offer everything from tuition to equipment hire. Sidmouth has the benefit of a present life boat crew for added peace of mind and you can even book guided trips, so you can learn more about the coastline while out on a board or kayak.

As it isn’t as sheltered, please be aware of the weather when enjoying watersports in Sidmouth, as the weather can change quite quickly – if you’re not confident, make sure to stick to the shallows and to book guided sessions. You will also not be allowed to kite surf here as the beach is too narrow.


Exmouth is a great place for watersports and has produced some of the world’s champions in the field. Some of the most popular sports to practice here include kitesurfing, windsurfing and paddle boarding and the shelter provided by the cliffs makes it a great place to learn if these kinds of sports are new to you. Beginners are recommended to stick to the area around the estuary, while those of you who are a little more experienced can take on the more challenging conditions further out to sea.

From Exmouth, you can experience a variety of different watersport conditions, with the estuary and the marina offering a calmer wave and Orcombe Point providing a more challenging environment.

As you might imagine, there are several businesses offering equipment hire and tuition, particularly during the summer and for those of you who want to enjoy the Jurassic Coast in a more leisurely fashion, you can find plenty of boat trips operating out of the marina too.

Budleigh Salterton

Budleigh Salterton is a much loved place for boat trips particularly, but does have a huge following as a location for water skiing, wake boarding and wind surfing.  With its location close to the Exe Estuary, you can find plenty of boat trips connecting the two places, as well as companies operating around the Estuary and the sea front. Kayaking from the sea front is hugely popular in the summer and there are a couple of different companies you can visit for tuition and equipment hire.

If you are looking to do some kite surfing, you will be better off visiting Exmouth as it is not allowed in Budleigh for environmental reasons.

Planning a trip to indulge in some watersports?

Here are some top tips to keep you safe:

  1. Never go alone, always in pairs or groups, if you are visiting alone, make sure to head out with an organised group or with an instructor.
  2. Always wear a wet suit – even if it is a hot day, the water will be cold, especially if you’re going further out to open sea. Always wear a wet suit to make sure your core body temperature doesn’t drop.
  3. Even if you are a strong swimmer, wear a life vest and carry some way of alerting others if you get into trouble, if you don’t want to take your mobile phone, carry a whistle or radio.
  4. Always have lessons before going out into the open water without an instructor
  5. Be aware of other beach users and be respectful