Sidmouth is awash with colour as millions of yellow daffodils have bloomed – gaining the attention of national news outlets, including the Daily Mail and ITV.

The amazing display is all thanks to Keith Owen, who left his life savings to Sidmouth’s Sid Vale Association in 2007 on the stipulation that the money be used to enhance the town through floral displays and community ventures. The Keith Owen Fund continues to run and helps choose which community projects receive funding, as well as allowing his legacy to continue with the abundance of spring flowers.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Richard Eley, President of Sidmouth Chamber of Commerce, said: “One of the last instructions he [Keith Owen] gave was that the money should be used for big ideas and imaginative projects and so, instead of just planting some daffodil bulbs, Sidmouth decided to plant a million.

“It was a huge community effort over two or three years and so there are daffodils all over the valley and it looks great. It brings life and a sense of springtime to the whole town.”

You can look out for glimpses of Sidmouth’s Valley of a Million Bulbs online and in print through the Daily Mail as well as on ITV West Country, who interviewed Richard along with other prominent Sidmouth business owners and residents.

Image: @photograpy_try_hard on Instagram