The team at Sidmouth Arboretum have organised three guided walks and two talks for this year's Tree Week. 

This year's events include:  

Monday, 17th May, 10.30 am - Walk from the museum covering Bickwell Valley and the Knowle. 

Tuesday, 18th May, 11 am - Zoom talk with Cafè Scientifique, discussing climate change links with biodiversity in south west UK. Debbie Hemmings is Scientific Manager, Vegetation-Climate Interactions group/Met Office Hadley Centre/ Exeter and Visiting Fellow Birmingham Institute of Forest Research. 
Join Meeting at this link

Wednesday 19th May, 10.0 am - Walk from the museum to Blackmore Gardens and town centre, suitable for those with limited mobility

Thursday 20th May, 7pm -  Zoom talk by Ed Dolphin :‘How Old Is That Tree?’  A guide to estimating the age of large trees, and how our mature trees mark out the town’s history. Join the meeting:

Friday 21st May, 10.30 am - Walk the Toll House to The Byes.