If you’re following us on Instagram (and if not, why not!) you’ll know that Sidmouth is an incredibly picturesque place – with the beaches, the iconic red cliffs and the surrounding countryside – there’s plenty to inspire you here.

To help you fill up your Instagram grids or to fill any empty frames you might have at home, here are some of our favourite spots for taking photos around Sidmouth.

The Esplanade

From here you have excellent views of the Lyme Bay, the cliffs of the  Jurassic Coast and the stunning Regency buildings that operate has hotels today. Every direction you look while standing on the Esplanade gives you something else to photograph, so it’s an excellent starting point.

Connaught Gardens

Named for one of Queen Victoria’s sons, Connaught Garden is a lovely burst of colour in the centre of Sidmouth. It’s full of plants and trees, including wildflowers and the popular Clock Tower restaurant. You’ll also find a lovely archway looking out towards the coast and Ladram Bay, as well as Jacobs Ladder.

The Byes

Walk past the Toll House on Salcombe Road and you’ll find yourself in a beautiful wilderness this is the Byes. From here follow the River Sid through towards Sidford and experience some lovely riverside walks and wooded walks. You might be lucky enough to catch sight of some butterflies, birds and pretty flowers, especially at this time of year.

Salcombe Hill

This is the name of the hilltop that sits atop the iconic red cliffs towards the end of the beach. It’s quite a challenging walk in places but is worth it once you make it to the top. The Salcombe Hill area is managed by the National Trust and as such, you can find way-marked paths and benches scattered around so you can really take a moment to enjoy the view. From here you can easily see out across the beach or focus on the flowers that grow here. Just don’t attempt to go down to the beach from here though – it is very unstable. 

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