As we’re fully in spring now and the weather is getting a bit brighter, there is never a better time to enjoy a picnic or two. Luckily, here in East Devon there are several beautiful picnic spots to enjoy, especially around Honiton which is surrounded by stunning countryside.

If you’re planning to spend some time in the countryside and are looking for spots ideal for al fresco dining, here are our recommendations for top picnic spots in Honiton.

The Glen

The Glen is a 6 acre public park that can be found in the heart of Honiton. Traditionally the space is associated with one of the region’s leading families, the Ashleys of Pine Park House. Today, it is a popular spot for families, especially in the sunshine and as it leads from open countryside, is also somewhere that dog walkers and picnic aficionados like to visit, too.

Vernon Corner

Part of Millennium Green, Vernon Corner is a lovely spot that is designated as a wildlife area for the town and features a variety of habitats for bees, butterfliers and hedgehogs. There are some seats and routes that are suitable for wheelchair users around Millennium Green, so there are lots of spots to set up a picnic. Just remember to take all your litter home with you to protect the area.

Roundball Hill

With amazing views over Honiton, Roundball Hill and the nearby Roundball Woods are always popular. The area is a nature reserve and some of the trees here are centuries old, making the various walking routes fascinating to explore.

Mountbatten Park

Home to a football ground and an area of parkland, Mountbatten Park is another of our favourite spots for sitting with some snacks and watching the world go by. There are several sporting facilities and areas for walking to enjoy here too.