When it comes to sports involving water, not everyone is keen to jump on a board and tackle the waves. If you’re someone who prefers a more gentle day out by the water, here are some suggestions of the best places to cast your net for a spot of fishing.

Fishing is a hugely relaxing activity, either on your own or as a group, just make sure you have all the right permissions before you set up and you abide by the rules that are in place.

When it comes to sea fishing, you’re not short of options in and around Sidmouth. East Devon is home to the Jurassic Coast, one of the UK’s most famous coastlines, so it is a hugely popular place for all manner of waterside activities.

If you’re staying in Sidmouth, the beaches and the nearby seafronts at Weston and Salcombe Regis has a number of different species that can be caught. In the summer, you can find mackerel, garfish, bass, small eyes ray, dogfish and plaice, while in the colder months, you can find whiting and codling.

Make sure to head to Port Royal along the Esplanade in the town centre for the best places to fish and to meet other anglers. Sidmouth’s Sea Angling Club are based there and you’ll often find a couple of club members around either competing or just spending a few hours seeing what they can find.

For an all year round fishing experience, head along the coast to Branscombe, which has superb fishing all year around while in Seaton, you can find plaice, flounder, dogfish and bass. Seaton is a pretty popular place for anglers, and you’ll often find matches taking place but don’t let that put you off a casual fishing trip.  Ladram Bay and Beer also offer a few good fishing opportunities.

Another place in the vicinity that is good for fishing is at Budleigh Salterton. You can find a lot of bass and wrasse around the mouth of the Otter. The beach itself is also a good spot, especially for mullet. Alternatively, head to Exmouth beach, which has bass or flounder, just be sure not to go to the far western end of the beach as fishing is not permitted from the old docks, but there is a space near the entrance where you can fish – make sure to check local signage and to follow any guidelines that are on display.

These are just a few suggestions of places perfect for a spot of angling while in Sidmouth. If you have any favourite places in and around Sidmouth where you like to fish, make sure to let us know on Facebook and Twitter and share your recommendations!