At this time of year there is nothing better than hearing a good ghost story, so here are a few tales of ghostly goings on from around Sidmouth for you to enjoy this Halloween season.

Kennaway House

Image: @Kennawayhouse // Instagram

Built in the 1800s, Kennaway House is a Regency manor that can be found in the heart of Sidmouth. While it was a home at one point, now it is an impressive gallery space for exhibitions, weddings and more. It is said that a young girl called Charlotte haunts the site and has made such frequent appearances, that there is now a whole room named after her! Reports from those that have encountered her vary from actually seeing her to witnessing heavy objects move on their own and a general sense of not being alone.

Blackbury Camp

This Iron Age hill fort can be found in Southleigh on the outskirts of Sidmouth and it is allegedly haunted by some pretty disgruntled ghosts. It’s fairly picturesque so it isn’t uncommon for people to stop off for picnics or a gentle stroll, just make sure not to accidentally offend any spirits, apparently if you catch them on a bad day they will throw logs at you!

Sidholme Hotel

Image: @sidholmehotel \\ Instagram

This hotel which is located close to the seafront is closed at the moment, but while it was welcoming guests there have been reports of a ghostly figure that was actually caught on camera! It is said that a woman with a Victorian appearance was spotted in a photograph taken on the site and that she was identified as being the wife of a former owner.


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