Did you know National Picnic Week is returning this June? Taking place from 17th-25th June, National Picnic Week is a great opportunity to get out and about, exploring your local area and scouting some lovely places to enjoy a picnic or some refreshments when out for a walk.

To help you make the most out of National Picnic Week while visiting Sidmouth, here are some of our favourite picnic spots across the town – just remember, if you are going out for a picnic this month to take all your litter home with you and to be as sustainable as possible. You can pick up some incredible local food and drink to enjoy on the go from regular markets and shops and you can use reusable bottles and cutlery. In fact, there are reusable bottles available from the TIC in Sidmouth town centre!

Whitecross Picnic Site

With picnic in the name, you can’t not give this place a try. The woodland offers amazing views across East Devon and you have the option of both picnic benches and good old fashioned blanket on grass style picnics.

The Byes

For something a little more wild, head to the Byes. Located on the outskirts of Sidmouth and the village of Sidford, there are plenty of walks to explore and lots of riverside spots, meadow areas and more to enjoy your picnic.

Knapp Copse

This nature reserve has a variety of landscapes and views to enjoy and is also a good spot for bird watching. Be extra careful not to leave any litter behind here though as it is home to a variety of wildlife.