We’re a little biased when we say that we think Sidmouth’s streets are pretty but the fact still remains that Sidmouth is a charming and picturesque town in one of the most interesting areas of Devon. With the perfect mix of traditional Georgian buildings, thatched cottages, cobbled streets, coastline and countryside, there’s plenty to love about Sidmouth.

We’ve pulled together a list of our favourite places in the town that we think deserve the title of Prettiest Street. Have you ever visited these parts of Sidmouth? If not, make sure to add them to your to do list for your next visit!

Peak Hill Road

If you love a good view, you won’t be disappointed by the one from Peak Hill Road, as the name suggests, it is a bit steep but from the top, whether you’re travelling by car, on two feet or by bike, the view over the town is amazing.

New Street
Deceptively named, New Street features those classic cobbles along the floor giving it a distinctly old timey feel. The road surface combined with the buildings and the independent shops really invokes a feeling of nostalgia.

Muttersmoor Road
Ok, this one might be a bit rogue has it is on its way out of town, but if you’ve come to Devon for thatched cottages and want to see a bit of countryside, this is a good place to head. With beautiful postcard perfect cottages and an array of greenery thanks to the trees that line the road, you can easily imagine that you’ve been transported into the past.

The Esplanade

Being the most famous street in the town, we couldn’t not mention it here. The Esplanade gives you an amazing view of Georgian buildings, the coast and those wonderful cliffs that make up the Jurassic Coast. There are plenty of chances to grab a seat and enjoy the sound of the waves lapping and take in the atmosphere.

Church Street

The graveyard and the lighting from the church make this street very atmospheric when dusk falls but during the day it is delightful. The shop fronts and architecture are charming and there is often bunting decorating the street which is always nice to see.

Do you agree with our list or do you have your own favourite pretty streets in Sidmouth? You can let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.