Sidmouth Town Council is delighted to announce the success of the 2021 Sidmouth Airshow which is looking to be a record year for the event’s fundraising, even with monies from various sources, including car parks still being received. The Council wishes to thank residents and visitors for supporting the event and helping towards the future of the Airshow. The Council would also like to thank the army of fantastic volunteer collectors who make the show possible including the large contingent of RAF Air Cadets.

The weather was warm and the skies perfect for one of the highlights of the Sidmouth calendar; the Sidmouth Airshow.

Agencies estimated around 30-35,000 people on the esplanade and hillsides but with the gentle sloping beach and esplanade road closure providing extra space, spectators had plenty of space. Visitors and residents had come to watch some of the UK's best display teams in action, in the natural amphitheatre of the bay in front of the town and by the reaction and fantastic atmosphere, the teams didn’t disappoint. With perfect visibility and light clouds providing a great display sky, many visitors and residents had wandered into town early in the day to browse the local shops and businesses as well as visiting the David Rowland Funfair at the Ham before visiting some of the team support stands.

Commencing with the daring antics of the Royal Navy Wildcat, audiences witnessed some manoeuvrers that a rotary bladed aircraft really ought not to achieve! This was one of only a handful of Wildcat displays in the country in 2021.

Image: Ian Hitchcock

The Royal Navy’s representation was followed by Richard Goodwin in his Muscle Biplane performing some incredibly fast and twisting manoeuvrers, the antics of which had the crowds cheering and screaming in equal measure. With the Dakota grounded due to understandable 75 year-old engine problems, it fell to no less than two Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Spitfires to perform a full duo display followed up with their usual individual performances. Rounding out the show finale was the RAF Red Arrows who were back over the town after a three three year absence and what a welcome they received as they flew over esplanade with their trademark ‘over crowd arrival’. With the Sailing Regatta over the same weekend and a spectacular Fireworks Display on the Saturday evening, Sidmouth’s bank holiday weekend continued in style.