Happy Devon Day!
Did you know that 4th June is Devon Day? While we already know that Devon is the best county in England, today is the day we can really shout about it, so help us celebrate by sharing your favourite memories of Sidmouth!

Whether you’re a regular holiday maker or someone that lives in the town, we’re sure you have some incredible stories of time spent in Sidmouth and by extension, Devon and we’d love to hear them!

In case you didn’t know, Devon Day happens on the 4th June because that is the day of St Petrock, the patron saint of Devon. There are places all over the county that share a name with him and our county flag is even dedicated to him. St Petrock was a very interesting man, who spent his time between ministering the people of Devon travelling around the world, visiting places like India, Jerusalem and Rome. It is even said that in India, he managed to tame a wild wolf! Animals seem to be a bit of a theme when it comes to St Petrock, he is often depicted with an animal, usually a stag, which, considering the abundance of wildlife that can be found in the East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, seems very apt!

So, don’t forget to help us celebrate with your favourite Sidmouth memories! Don’t forget to post your memories on our Facebook and Twitter pages and we’ll share our favourites!