Sidmouth School of Art’s latest billboard artwork, Sidmouth Beauty Spots by artist David Bellingham, is currently being exhibited at the Wallspace public art gallery overlooking the Ham East carpark.

The image unites the picture postcard and the cosmetic beauty spot, both things from another time, and shows them in a fresh new light. Before the popularity of electronic devices, people sent postcards from places that they visited, typically, they were rectangles of card with an image on one side and a blank space for a message and the recipient’s address on the other. A beauty spot card was a multi view postcard which was available in seaside towns, particularly in the 1920s.

The artist, David Bellingham said: “As far as we know, no one has ever made a Beauty Spots of Sidmouth postcard, so we have made one to correct this historical hiccup.”

The new artwork for Sidmouth coincides with a new project led by David Bellingham that invites people to take part in creating another piece of art, the One Day Museum, which will be open to the public on 13th April at Kennaway House. Prior to the public opening, there will be a series of free workshops, taking place on 9th, 10th and 11th April, also at Kennaway House, where people can create the One Day Museum by bringing five items which will be reclassified to form a new collection for the museum. You can book space onto the workshops here

Sidmouth School of Arts’ Louise Cole, said: “We are delighted to be working with David and to invite the community to get involved.  His work is well known, his practice is often conceptual and humorous, enabling us to see everyday things in a new light. It’s a great opportunity for Sidmouth to make new artworks and experience a range of creative opportunities.  Supporting our vision to make Sidmouth the artwork and affirming Sidmouth on the cultural map.”