A world record for the longest functioning "tin can telephone line" has been set in Sidmouth as part of the town's Science Festival. 

On Saturday, Sidmouth Science Festival stretched a wire with a yoghurt pot at each end all the way from Connaught Gardens to Bedford Steps which is on the Esplanade - a range of 374 meters. Those taking part said "this is Sidmouth Science Festival's world record tin can telephone" into one end and was successfully heard by witnesses at the other, beating the previous record which was set in Japan three years ago by over 100 meters. 

The experiement was led by John Hems and was part of the opening events for this year's festival, which will be running until 16th October. This weekend, visitors will be able to use the telephone as part of Super Science Saturday from 11 am. Two large robots will also be wandering around the town and a host of other events will be taking place. 

The world record will be ratified by the Guinness World Records. You can find more about the