Summer might nearly be over but that doesn’t mean that your visits to Sidmouth need to be! There are loads of reasons to come to Sidmouth all year around, but we’ve narrowed it down to the following, just in case you needed some encouragement to visit us this autumn.

The beaches

Sidmouth is home to both Sidmouth Town Beach and Jacobs Ladder Beach, plus there are loads of little coves and bays along the Jurassic Coastline. Nearby there is also the beach at Ladram Bay, which is easily accessible via boat or using the cycle network. You might think a visit to the beach is more of a summer activity, but at this time of year now that the kids are back to school and the summer rush is over, it is the perfect time. The beaches are much quieter at this time of year, making them perfect for a picnic, relaxing or doing some paddling.

The food

In Sidmouth, we pride ourselves on the quality of our local produce. In the autumn there are a host of new flavours and dishes to discover. So, for some hearty, warming food and drink made with local ingredients, make sure to plan a foodie adventure in Sidmouth over the next month or so!

Incredible independent shopping

Sidmouth has one of East Devon’s most eclectic and interesting high streets full of traditional fare, modern shopping, familiar chain stores and independents offering just about everything they can think of. Whether you want to grab something to read while you’re visiting, stock up on clothes or pick up some gifts for everyone back home, there is plenty to catch your eye here in Sidmouth. There are shops dotted all over the town, but for a great independent shopping experience, head to Libra Court, Fore Street or the High Street.

So much to do...

If you think all the festivals and events end with the summer holiday you’d be wrong, in Sidmouth there are still plenty of things to do as we start heading into autumn. Later in September there is the Walking Festival, with several free guided walks, giving you plenty of chances to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Also coming up in the next few months is the Sidmouth Science Festival which features talks, demos and workshops, perfect for curious minds.

The colours

We all love seeing those iconic cliffs against bright blue skies, but at this time of year when the season is beginning to change there is something very magical about taking a stroll around the Byes or through the arboretum where you can see the trees start to lose their greenery and start showing those glorious autumnal colours.

Of course, we’re biased and there are lots of other great reasons for coming to Sidmouth over the next few months, if you’re on the hunt for some inspiration for things to do this autumn in Sidmouth, click here.