No doubt, when you hear Sidmouth, you think of blue skies with those beautiful red cliffs against them. You think of sunbathing, of smelling the flowers in the gardens, of getting a cheeky ice cream or two. Are we right? Well, those all sound like summery images to us, and we’re here to prove that Sidmouth is just as glorious in the winter. Though, with the unpredictable British weather, you might prefer a hot tea rather than an ice cream!

Firstly, the sea front, yes, blue skies and the waves crashing gently is a nice though, but those low winter sunrays look pretty special too.

Image: @snaphappydan // Instagram

Jacobs Ladder seems to become even more dramatic at this time of year.

Image: @cliveg72 // Instagram

If that wasn’t enough, the surrounding countryside becomes atmospheric and a little Wuthering Heights in the winter. Here’s an amazing shot from Mutters Moor, doesn’t that make you want to get your walking boots and a big coat and go out exploring?

Image: @missus_giles // instagram

If that isn’t enough to convince you, take a look at this from the Sidmouth Chamber of Commerce.

Image: @sidmouthchamberofcommerce // instagram

The Christmas Lights are up on the high street now, so Sidmouth looks even jollier than usual!

So, if you’re looking for a post lockdown break somewhere before Christmas, Sidmouth is just as lovely now as it is in the height of the summer and with all the surrounding countryside and the quieter beaches, it is even easier to social distance.

Of course, with the current situation, your safety is paramount, so please don’t travel if you are in a high risk area or if you feel unwell. If you do travel, make sure to stay within your family or support groups and to follow the guidelines at all times. Because of the ever changing advice, it is best to check local restrictions before you start your journey and to carry a mask and hand sanitser with you at all times. Alternatively, if you want to see beautiful pictures of Sidmouth, make sure to follow our Instagram – the town will be here for you to enjoy when you are able to!