The Sidmouth Coastal Community Hub are pleased to announce a series of art workshops that will take place in the newly refurbished Fishermen’s Shed, which has been repurposed into a community art space thanks to Lottery funding.

The Fishermen’s Shed, which can be found in Fishermen’s Yard, Port Royale, is now open for business after being refurbished. The space will now be used by local creatives to explore ideas and experiences through art, digital and creative skills and workshops which are all connected to the sea. Throughout summer of 2021, a series of ten workshops will take place including Fabric Painting and Bunting Making. Find out more here.

It is hoped that these creative opportunities will allow local people to feel connected to each other and the world around them reducing isolation and improving well being. The project is the brain child of the Sidmouth Coastal Community Hub, the group behind the popular Sidmouth Sea Fest. They focus on creating community projects, events and activities to encourage engagement with the local area and education using the arts, the coast and responsible tourism.

The journey to refurbishment of the Fishermen’s Shed, has been documented online here.