If you’re looking for a summer destination where the whole family can get active and enjoy the great outdoors, why not head to Honiton?

Known as the gateway to East Devon, Honiton is a convenient location for exploring the Blackdown Hills and the East Devon National Landscapes, which makes it a great place for active families. Over the summer holidays, why not get out and about with the kids, the grandparents or anyone else that fancies it – it’s great for your physical and mental health and will give you a chance to really experience the beauty of the East Devon region.

Here are some of the activities you can enjoy while staying in Honiton.

Bike Rides

Cycling is a great way to keep fit, have fun and explore the wider area. There are several fun bike rides around the area, covering  a range of ability levels. One popular route which is mostly paved surfaces and is suitable for the majority of skill levels is the Honiton, Sidmouth and Seaton loop. It is a fairly long route, taking in highlights from all three towns and the East Devon National Landscape – of course, you don’t need to do the whole route if you are visiting with people who can’t cycle long distances, but it is a good route for getting out and exploring.

Another good route is the Honiton and Luppitt loop around the Blackdown Hills. It’s suitable for all skill levels, but parts are a little more challenging.

If you do decide to go out for a family bike ride, make sure to plan the route in advance and make sure to pack plenty of supplies, especially if it is a warm day – it can be easy to dehydrate without noticing! Make sure that any toddler or baby seats are secure and comfortable too. Don’t want to bring your bikes with you? No worries, you can hire bikes, including adapted options! There are several bike hire companies around the area, but your accommodation provider will be able to advise you on the best places to pick up suitable bikes.

Walking and hiking

While you might think that hiking is a bit too challenging for the younger or older members of the family, it doesn’t have to! It can also be longer or more remote walking routes, just make sure you pick one that is suitable for the whole family. Being surrounded by countryside, Honiton is home to several lovely walking and hiking routes

One of the most popular walks that is suitable for the majority of people is the Roundball Hill circular route. It’s just on the outskirts of Honiton and usually takes just under 2 hours to complete the whole route – though you can of course break it up, it’s also a good spot for taking the dog and for having a picnic. There is some road walking but they aren’t main roads and generally they are quiet.

Or for something a little easier, the walk around the Glen will only take around half an hour and is just a five minute walk from the station around a lovely park. Alternatively, you can head into the Blackdown Hills, where you’ll be spoiled for choice. Whatever you choose, make sure to take plenty of water, food, sun cream and be sure to dress appropriately for the weather. Sensible shoes are also a must and for the little ones, make sure you have plasters on hand – just in case!

There are plenty of other activities to keep you entertained while in and around Honiton, you can find out more here