There are plenty of things to love about Sidmouth and while the national lockdown continues and we’re all stuck at home, we thought we would share five things that we love about the town, so that we can bring a bit of Sidmouth cheer to your day!

The Jurassic Coast

Sidmouth can be found along the Jurassic Coast, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The iconic red cliffs create a beautiful backdrop whether you’re exploring on foot or by boat.

The events

Host to Britain’s oldest folk festival? Check. Annual air show? Check. Regatta? Check. Literary Festival? Check. Science Festival? Whatever your favourite hobby, you can celebrate it in Sidmouth with the vast array of events that take place every year and hopefully, can do so this year.

The gardens

Thought it might be most famous for its coastal location, Sidmouth is full of wonderful gardens with floral designs and tranquil places to relax. From Connaught Gardens to Blackmore Gardens, there are plenty of lovely places to take a moment to recharge.

The food

What could be better than a cream tea on the coast? Or some freshly caught fish paired with chips?

The people

Sidmouth people are some of the friendliest you can hope to meet!

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As we are currently under a national lockdown, please do not travel to Sidmouth at this time, all these amazing things will be there when restrictions are lifted! Find out the latest updates on lockdowns and travel, visit