Anyone who may find themselves alone on Christmas Day is invited for free coffee, a mince pie and good company in Sidmouth.

John and Kirsty Hammond will be opening The Dairy Shop, on Church Street, on December 25th, lockdown permitting, between 12.30pm and 2.30pm.

John said: "Before we had The Dairy Shop in 2017, we had the idea of having something on Christmas Day for those who didn't want to celebrate or were by themselves.  We were looking to take over a cafe to just have somewhere people could go. This was after a conversation around Christmas time where someone was saying it’s so bad that some shops are open on Christmas Day... A single mum we knew replied it was her only adult contact on the day. This just broke our hearts." 

That was the first time they opened on Christmas Day. 

John said: "We have been quite busy and it’s been so well received by those locally who would find themselves without family on Christmas Day.”

People of any age are welcome to join John and Kirsty on Christmas Day at the Dairy Shop. For more information, contact the shop.