Trips to the coast aren’t just for the summer months, you’d be surprised just how festive it can be by the sea at this time of year, so if you’re up for a Christmas or New Year break, consider an end of year trip to Sidmouth.


If you need a bit of convincing, here are a few examples of the festive fun you can enjoy in Sidmouth!

  • The decorations
    When it comes to getting in the Christmas spirit, Sidmouth has you covered – the high street is all decked out with pretty lights and there is an impressive tree taking centre stage! All you need is a chilly day and a cosy bobble hat to really get in the mood!
  • Frosty sea views
    The view from Sidmouth town centre is pretty spectacular all year around, but there is something very special about looking out over the coast from places like Salcombe Hill and seeing frost on the ground with the sea behind. Think about how much more magical it would be with a sprinkling of snow!Image: Kyle Baker
  • Bracing walks around the Byes
    The Christmas season is the perfect time for a bracing walk and when you have somewhere picturesque like the Byes, it is even more so! Having a stomp around beautiful scenery with your breath misting in the cold air and then stopping off for a warming coffee somewhere – heaven!
  • Buying amazing last-minute gifts
    When it comes to gifts, a last minute one doesn’t mean an afterthought – Sidmouth’s range of independent shops means there are plenty of unique gift options you can pick up during your visit – plus many of the stores offer extended opening hours and the window displays are enough to put anyone into the Christmas spirit.
  • The Boxing Day Swim
    This annual event was cancelled last year and depending on the latest government guidelines, may or may not take place this year – either way, this is a wonderful Christmas community event. People from all over the town converge on the beach on the morning of Boxing Day, many even dress up!

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