If like us, you’re celebrating North Devon being the UK’s first surf reserve by heading out onto the waves this summer – here are some of our best loved surf spots.

Croyde Bay
Postcode: (to beach’s car park - EX33 1QE)

We have to start our list with the UK’s surfing mecca! Croyde is not only known as one of the UK’s best beaches (it falls within the North Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) but is also one of the best places to enjoy the surf. It has the best wave in North Devon and is considered to be world class in terms of surfing conditions.

This is a beach that is often frequented by surfers, so you might find it to be busy, especially in peak season but it is a good all round option if some of the people in your party are more confident than others.

If you want some extra guidance or need to borrow any equipment, you can find tutors and other companies offering everything from boards to wetsuits for hire and sale all over the village.

Saunton Sands
Postcode: (to beach’s car park - EX33 1LG)

Next door to Croyde Bay is Saunton Sands, another popular spot for surfers and part of the North Devon AONB. Although it is next door, the waves here are a little more gentle and so it’s a good place for beginners or anyone who wants to practice their moves.

Saunton’s beach is bigger than the one at Croyde, so although it is a popular destination, you’ll easily find room to enjoy the sand too.

Like you’ll find at Croyde, there are surf lessons and equipment hire available throughout the summer months, even some of the hotels here offer surfing lessons!

Woolacombe Sands
Postcode: (Sandy Burrows carpark – EX34 7BG)

Voted as Britain’s Best Beach several times in a row, Woolacombe is surrounded by excellent places to stay as well as all the amenities you could wish for. That’s on top of it being an incredible beach for surfing. The conditions that can be found here is suitable for all abilities, from beginners through to the more experienced and has regularly been used as a surfing destination since the 1960s.

Because it is such a popular beach, you’ll find lifeguards here in the summer for that extra peace of mind, as well as tutors, guided sessions and equipment to hire or buy all just moments from the sea front.

Postcode: (for the Esplanade - EX35 6EQ)

Ok, firstly, we have to say that this is one for experts only – it’s incredibly rocky and can also be very rough, so really not one for anyone who has recently come to the sport or hasn’t had experience with this kind of terrain. Having said that, when the conditions are right, Lynmouth has some of the best waves in the UK.

This spot, unlike some of the others we’ve featured so far doesn’t have the same beachy feel and is much more wild, so do take care when on the rocks and when getting in and out of the water.

Putsborough Sands
Postcode: (for the main carpark –EX33 1LB)

Located along the same stretch as Woolacombe, you’ll find huge swells here, especially when you start to get storms coming in from the South West.

Like many of the popular surfing spots, you can find equipment hire and surfing lessons all year around. Generally speaking, this is one of the safest beaches in North Devon and as with Woolacombe, this is a good one for those learning to surf, as well as those with more experience.

Of course, these beaches are just our personal favourites, depending on your confidence and experience level, you may need to explore other places to surf in the county, so don’t forget to check below for more information about surfing in North Devon.

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