Watermouth Castle, under the stewardship of the Escapade Group, is thrilled to announce an ambitious investment plan totalling £1 million aimed at revamping and enhancing the visitor experience at the beloved Watermouth Castle attraction. This comprehensive plan includes the introduction of exciting and magical new outdoor play areas, extensive refurbishments of the castle apartments, and a makeover of the Big River ride.

Innovative Outdoor Play Area: Promoting 'Exercise in Disguise

The cornerstone of this investment is the £700k magical outdoor play area, designed to blend play and exercise seamlessly. Recognising that play is a vital aspect of both child and adult experiences, Watermouth is committed to providing an environment where families can create unforgettable moments. The new play area will not only offer immense fun but also encourage healthy physical activity, crucial in combating lifestyle-related health issues in children.

Luxury Accommodation and Thrilling Adventures

In addition to the play area, Watermouth will refurbish all existing apartments within the Castle at a cost of £250k. This upgrade will elevate the accommodation to higher standards, ensuring guests enjoy luxury and comfort.

Furthermore, the Big River ride is set for a spectacular transformation, featuring new animatronics and boats, promising an even more thrilling adventure for visitors.

Securing a Bright Future

These investments are part of the Escapade Group's commitment to the long-term prosperity of Watermouth and its dedicated team. With a total investment of £1 million for the year, Watermouth is poised to enhance its position as a leading family attraction.

Exciting Developments on the Horizon

The new play area is scheduled to open by May 2024, subject to planning being granted, with the refurbished apartments and the Big River ready for the season's start.

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