We might be starting to leave the summer behind but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still have fun in North Devon! September is still fairly warm and you’ll have plenty of sunny, mild days to enjoy, but if you do end up getting caught out in a shower or two, here are some suggestions so the fun doesn’t stop!


  • Go surfing
    As North Devon is the UK’s first Surf Reserve, we feel like we need to encourage you all to surf as much as possible. We do have the very best environment for surfing after all and even though might consider it to be a summer activity, believe it or not, the best surfing experiences are when the weather is a little rougher.
    Of course, those of you who aren’t quite as confident on a board will want to take it easy and will need to judge whether or not the weather is compatible with your skill level as the coast is very rocky and you can easily get into trouble during the rougher weather. If you’re a seasoned pro though, a grey and miserable day means more room for you and better waves to ride!
  • Go shopping
    Though this time of year is still fairly mild, we will get the odd cold, wet day and if you don’t fancy being out and about, why not explore some of North Devon’s retail opportunities? There are plenty of places to exercise your credit card and find some eclectic and interesting items. In this part of the world there are historic Pannier markets with a variety of different stalls and producers appearing every day. In Barnstaple, you’ll find something different every time you visit the Pannier Market and it is one of the oldest in the region – it’s almost like going to a heritage attraction! That’s not all though, you can also find great shopping centres and high streets all over the region, especially in the larger towns like Barnstaple and Bideford.  Find out more about shopping in North Devon here.
  • Go to a theme park
    If you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie, you will understandably be a bit annoyed at a turn in the weather. North Devon is well known for being England’s adventure coast but when it’s pouring down, the last thing you want to be doing is orienteering on Exmoor. That doesn’t mean you have to be stuck inside, North Devon’s theme and adventure parks are all weather attractions, with plenty of activities taking place under cover, as well as those rides that we all know and love. You can find out more about the theme parks in the region or other suggestions for things to do here.
  • Go swimming
    I mean, if you’re already wet, why not! Depending on how bad the weather is, you might want to avoid swimming in the sea or doing any wild swimming but there is nothing stopping you going to a water park or jumping in a pool!


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