If you’re in North Devon this summer and are on the hunt for free things to do, why not give rockpooling a go? It might seem a little old fashioned, but there is something endlessly charming about investigating little pools and finding rarely seen creatures and sea life – you might even discover a fossil or two!

In North Devon, there are several interesting creatures that can be found in the region’s rockpools, especially if you’re near to places like Lundy Island, which is a marine conservation area. You can find crabs, starfish, anemones, barnacles, sponges and other creatures, all you need is a bucket, a net and a beach – endless fun can be had without having to break the bank!

If you like the idea of going rockpooling in North Devon, here are some suggestions for excellent spots – just remember to leave the area as you found it and to return any creatures you discover to their homes!

Combe Martin

This is a popular beach for families, especially in the summer, so you might struggle to find a spot, but there are a surprising amount of rockpools here. During the summer, with longer evenings and earlier mornings, why not head down to the beach and see what you can find at different times of day? It’ll be a good way to avoid the crowds too.

Combesgate Beach

Located near Woolacombe, this one is generally quieter than its neighbour and has a host of different rockpools to explore. Being so close to Woolacombe, you also have the added bonus of being close to facilities, should you forget your buckets and nets.

Lee Bay

Nestled between Ilfracombe and Woolacombe, this cove is full of pools to explore, but unlike some of the other options on this list, is fairly rocky and can be slippery in some areas. It’s a great one for unearthing fascinating creatures, but make sure to keep an eye on anyone who is a little unsteady on their feet.

Near Horns Cross, this is a lovely, picturesque spot but it a little more difficult to get to as it is only accessible by foot. The beach is quite rocky, so you’ll need decent shoes, but its hidden nature means that it is relatively quiet, ideal if you want to spend the day keeping the kids entertained.

Welcombe Mouth

Another option is this one close to the village of Welcombe. With beautiful views, this is well worth a visit even if you don’t fancy having a go at rockpooling, but like Peppercombe, there is a bit of a walk to the actual beach, once you get there though, it is well worth it.

If you decide to go rockpooling this summer, make sure to send us photos of your finds! We’d love to see what you discover!