Recent data put together by Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks shows how much you can save by choosing a holiday based in the UK in 2024 during the summer holidays and, how investing those savings, could lead to raising over £50,000 for your children's future. 

The research saw Woolacombe Bay compare the cost of an 8-day holiday in 2-star accommodation for a family of four, both in Europe and in the UK. Their team looked at a week-long 2-star holiday to Benidorm for a family of 4, for 8 nights from the 16th of August, with an equivalent break at Woolacombe Bay holiday Park's Twitchen House site in one of the New Wave Silver caravans. 

They found that the price of the accommodation in Spain, with flights included, comes in at £2,544, with additional costs like car hire and food increasing the grand total to £3,740, while a stay with Woolacombe Bay comes in at £1,169. There are additional costs on top of this, for example, food, travel costs and optional holiday protection cover, which brings the total to £2,069, resulting in a huge saving of £1,671. Over time, this can lead to a significant build-up of savings. 

Not only can choosing the UK for family holidays potentially lead to savings of £30,078 over eighteen years, but Woolacombe Bay's research shows that the amount can potentially rise to over £50,000 if the money is invested. If that isn't enough, by deciding to stay in the UK for your holiday, you'll also have a positive impact on the environment. You don't need to board a plane to holiday in the UK and the amount of CO2 emissions you produce through driving will not be as high as flying. According to the Carbon Independent, travelling around 300 miles by car will lead to generating 104kg of CO2, compared to flying the same distance, which produces around 184kg. 

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