If you want rest, relaxation, adventure and the chance to have a go at surfing, (among other things!) then you need to make North Devon your staycation destination for 2023. If you’re tempted to visit the region and want a place to stay, why not take a look at the variety of B&Bs on offer? Bed and Breakfasts are a popular choice for visitors, especially if you’re on a short break or you want a chance to sample some of the local delicacies. Whether you prefer a B&B stay or have never stayed in one before, here are some reasons why they’re a great choice for 2023.  

The breakfasts

Obviously, the clue is in the name, you get a comfy bed and then start your day with an incredible breakfast. Many of the B&Bs in Devon treat you to a choice of breakfasts, whether you want a Full English made with local produce or something light to set you up for a day exploring both the region and the local food and drink scene.

Value for money

Right now with us all recovering after the cost of Christmas, you might be a bit wary of going away but B&Bs offer a real value for money. They are typically cheaper than a traditional hotel stay but you get the same level of comfort and in some cases, a more personal touch. Many of the B&Bs in North Devon are also family run and independent, so you are much more likely to find amazing last minute deals and budget holidays than you would with other properties.

Local knowledge

You know how we said that most of the B&Bs are family run? Well the owners often also live on site and will be the people who check you in, cook your breakfast and will otherwise be on hand to help out with any questions you might have. The best bit? They’re local, so you have a built in tour guide right at your disposal! Whether you want recommendations for places to eat, somewhere to take the kids or need some inspiration to plan your days, they are always more than happy to help.

One B&B that has a wealth of local knowledge is Varley House which is located opposite Hillsborough Nature Reserve and overlooks the harbour at Ilfracombe. The owners, Rod and Helen are always on hand to offer you a warm welcome and are always happy to offer their recommendations for places to visit in the local area.

That personal touch

Like we said, because the owners are typically the same people who handle your booking and prepare your breakfast, there is a much more personal touch than with a hotel stay or going for a self-catering break. It’s something that can really make a holiday special and something you won’t find somewhere with lots of staff.

Your dogs can come too!

There are several B&Bs that are happy for your dogs to join you on your break, even going as far as providing your dog with their own breakfast and beds too!

Chance to support small businesses

Small businesses are what help make the world go around so it’s always good to support them where you can –most of the accommodation providers in Devon use local products and services to make your stay as comfortable as possible, so every visit helps the local economy!

Unique locations

Just because you’re choosing a B&B doesn’t mean you will find yourself in the upstairs of a family home, there are loads of unique locations across Devon offering a B&B service, including farms and glamping sites! North Devon Farm Holidays for instance offer farmhouse B&B accommodation all over north Devon where you can enjoy a real farmhouse breakfasts, you might even be able to gather the eggs you are served the following morning! Many of their properties are also dog friendly, which is perfect for those of you wanting to bring your four legged friends with you!

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