Don’t let September showers ruin the day – there are plenty of things to see and do in North Devon even when the weather isn’t playing ball. If that changeable British weather causes you problems, here are some suggestions on how to spend a rainy day.

At a theme park

Did you know that Devon’s largest roller coaster can be found in North Devon? Not only that but North Devon’s theme parks are perfect for a day with bad weather – not only are there the coasters and other rides for when it's dry but there are also huge indoor areas and wet weather activities too.

The BIG Sheep offers fun for the whole family and there are up to ten shows in the undercover viewing area a day to keep you entertained, as well as the Ewetopia indoor play zone full of adventures to be had.

Not far from the BIG Sheep is Milky Way Adventure Park, another award winning theme park with lots of indoor activities so rain doesn’t have to stop the fun. The site has 110,000 sq ft of indoor activities and is one of the biggest all weather attractions in the region, so it’s a must if the weather is looking a bit dodgy.

Go shopping

When the sun decides to disappoint, why not enjoy a bit of retail therapy? You don’t even need to spend too much – browsing can be just as fun! Affinity Devon has over 25 stores offering up to 50% off RRP and with fun activities like World of Wonder and Really Wild Planet, it will keep even the most reluctant of shoppers entertained on a rainy day.

Another great shopping destination which is more than just a shop is Dartington Crystal. You can pick up some incredible high-quality glass products and follow a self guided tour of the factory, seeing how the products are made before taking part in a variety of creative activities. Whatever your age, a trip here is certainly more unique than your typical wet weather attractions.

Meet some fish

You might not think going somewhere with fish is a way to keep dry but trust us! Ilfracombe Aquarium is a must visit location when in the town and is perfect for getting out of the bad weather. Here you can learn about all the exotic species you might expect, as well as local aquatic exhibits and take part in a variety of activities designed for all ages.

While we’re on the subject of water… You might not want to believe us but the rougher the weather, the bigger the waves which means even better surf! If you don’t mind the cold and have the confidence and experience to manage more unpredictable weather, you should grab your boards and head out to the coast – you won’t be any more wet than usual!

Step back in time

There are a host of museums and galleries across North Devon, many of which offer free entry and are a great way to get out of the rain during your visit. The museums cover a range of subjects, including the region’s maritime history and if you go to Arlington Court, you can sample the delights of the Carriage Museum. As a National Trust property, members can enjoy free entry and guests, regardless of membership can take advantage of the regular events and activities that are hosted throughout the year. Both the house and the museum offer a fascinating insight into a time before and if there is a dry moment during your visit, you can also explore the beautiful Victorian gardens.

Have we helped you plan a wet weather trip to North Devon? You can find more suggestions of things to do here.

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