We know camping isn’t for everyone – we can’t all sleep under canvas or deal with having to run to and from a toilet block in the middle of the night, but it is one of the best ways to spend time with the family, especially during the summer.

North Devon is a lovely place for a camping holiday. Not only do you have an abundance of sites to choose from, some offering a range of accommodation options, but there is the award-winning coastline, plenty of beautiful greenspace to explore and a host of attractions and things to do for the whole family. If you’re trying to convince your family to go on a camping holiday this year, here are five reasons why you should go camping.

It’s a great affordable option for a holiday

With the current cost of living, you might be worried about whether you can afford a holiday this year, especially during the summer when the kids are off. Camping though is a great idea for a budget holiday – especially if you have your own equipment.

When it comes to camping, the most expensive part of the holiday will probably be your journey to and from North Devon. There are a host of campsites where you can rent a pitch for a low cost and with the abundance of watersports, beaches and other attractions and activities on offer, you can really enjoy yourself without breaking the bank.

You can escape real life

Most campsites don’t have WiFi and while you will be able to find electric charging points, so you can be contactable and stay up to date with what is going on at home, it is a great excuse to go off grid for a few days and reset.
Being able to leave behind social media, get away from emails and just enjoying being present in the real world will get rid of so much of your day-to-day stressors.

You can bring the dog!

Camping is hugely popular among dog owners because the majority of campsites are dog friendly and if you bring your own tents and awnings, you can set them up in their own tent and not have to wake up to dog breath in your face.

Food tastes better when cooked outdoors

It’s like a truth universally acknowledged that everything tastes better when BBQ’d and when camping, you can have a BBQ every day! Many sites will have a communal fire pit where you can cook your breakfasts, burgers or marshmallows or will have areas of the site where you can set up a portable BBQ.

It’s a natural sleep aid

Ok, so if you’ve set up your tent over a mound of soil or a tree root you might disagree with this but apparently according to science, sleeping under the stars (or in this case, under canvas under the stars) is a great way to help you get a good night’s sleep and feel genuinely rested. It’s all to do with being able to reset your biological clocks and being in tune with natural light cycles. If you’re in need of a proper, restful holiday, maybe you should make camping next on the agenda.


There are some incredible camping sites around North Devon for you to check out.

In Woolacombe…

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In Woolacombe you’ll find Hidden Valley, an award-winning campsite and touring caravan park in the rolling hills of North Devon, just a stone’s throw from the world famous beach. The site features Otter’s Creek and Kingfisher Meadow, which both have first-class amenity blocks, one of which even has underfloor heating – perfect for those cooler mornings.

In South Molton…

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Elsewhere in North Devon is Riverside Caravan and Camping Park which is on the edge of the Exmoor National Park. With 70 acres of parkland and 10 acres of woodland, this is the perfect site for anyone who wants to get back to nature. There is even a recently opened, modern restaurant on site, so if you do get bored of sourcing your own food, you can take a break from cooking.

In Barnstaple…

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Well, on the outskirts of Barnstaple is Tarka Trail Camping, named for the famous Tarka Trail, which is nearby and follows the same route taken by the otter of the children’s books. This environmentally friendly, family owned campsite sits beside the River Taw and even has its own micro brewery right next door should the parents want to let loose!

In Ilfracombe…

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Another hugely popular destination, Ilfracombe is a great option for people who want to explore the wider North Devon area. Here is where you’ll find Mill Park, sheltered in an attractive wooded valley. There is an onsite pub, as well as a shop, games room, laundry and other facilities to make camping easy and convenient.


There are plenty of camping and caravanning parks to choose from across North Devon, you can find more options here.

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