Exeter has long been a hub of activity when it comes to business, and it’s easy to see why. It’s so easy to access by road, rail and even air, and only a 2-hour train ride from London, so it’s a great meeting place for those wanting to escape the chaos of the capital. Over recent years, Exeter’s business scene has been developing at pace – and this only looks set to continue. Here’s why Exeter is such a destination city for business!

The University

Exeter University is home to its very own business school, where the leaders of tomorrow congregate to learn from some of the most qualified and experienced business veterans around. This is a place where ideas are germinated, and talent is nurtured, so it’s no surprise that some of this business prowess spills over into the city. Many students never leave after graduating, staying to develop their networks and set up their own businesses in Exeter.

Exeter Science Park

Surely one of the business achievements that Exeter is most proud of is its world-leading Science Park. A huge job provider in the city, the Science Park offers state-of-the-art facilities, offices and lab space, along with support and business mentoring for start-up companies with big ambitions.

The brand-new STEMM Centre

And speaking of the Science Park, it has only very recently opened its new £5m STEMM business centre which has changed the game for STEMM in Exeter. Creating 100 jobs and bespoke laboratory space, it is the natural home for STEMM businesses that will attract talent from across the UK. Known as the George Parker Bidder Building, it is named after a local civil engineer who went on to become president of the Institution of Civil Engineers.

The networking opportunities

Exeter has always been a place where people can easily connect, and thanks to the university and the Science Park’s multidisciplinary approach it’s a great place for people to come out from their ‘siloes’ and meet people from other disciplines to further their ideas. Business centres such as the Exeter Business Hub offer office space, networking opportunities and common spaces for people to meet and spark new ideas.

The accommodation in Exeter

Self-catering accommodation in Exeter is easy to find, as is serviced accommodation, which means that travelling to Exeter and staying for work is a piece of cake. Those looking for any accommodation won’t be disappointed with the wide range of hotels, apartments, B&Bs and flats on offer. And because the centre of Exeter is relatively contained, anywhere you stay in the city won’t be far from anywhere else.

Travelling to Exeter for business is always an enjoyable experience, and is sure to offer new opportunities along the way. That’s why so much of the UK’s leading business talent is proud to call Exeter home. Exeter is on an exciting trajectory when it comes to business, and it will be very interesting to see where it is in another five years from now.

Post by GiL Properties Ltd