East Devon District Council's Culture, Leisure and Tourism Fund (CLTF) is now open for applications. The scheme is open to applicants from Community, Voluntary and Social Enterprise (CVSE) organisations with a strong focus on culture and leisure and businesses operating in the tourism sector. 


The Culture, Leisure and Tourism Fund is funded by the UK government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

Applications to the CLTF must be submitted through one of two pathways.

The Rural Culture and Leisure Pathway is open to organisations seeking funding to purchase, install and utilise specific equipment to support the decarbonisation of their operation. It must be used in a rural area, which includes all of East Devon except for Exmouth, which is classified as urban. 

The Sustainable Tourism Pathway is open to tourism businesses across the District seeking funding to either purchase, install and utilise specific equipment to decarbonise their operation or to improve the accessibility of their premises for visitors with a disability or impairment above and beyond statutory requirements. 

What funding is available? 

For both pathways, the minimum funding request is £2,500. Under the Rural Culture and Leisure Pathway, applicants can bid for up to £20,000 per organisation, whilst businesses applying under the Sustainable Tourism Pathway can bid for up to £5,000. 

All applicants must commit to match funding a proportion of the total project costs. For the Rural Culture and Leisure Pathway, applicants must match fund a minimum of 10% of the total cost. For the Sustainable Tourism Pathway, businesses must match fund at least 50% of the total project costs. 

Who is eligible?

To be eligible, all applicants to the CLTF must:

  • Be seeking funding for a specific project with capital funding costs relating to either decarbonisation or accessibility improvements
  • An organisation/business operating/trading that is not in administration or insolvent
  • Operate primarily within East Devon
  • Have a strong culture, tourism or leisure focus  


More information is available here. 

How do I apply?

Applications must be submitted via the application form on our website. All completed applications must be submitted by the 21st of July 2023 to be considered for funding. Apply here.