From the furthest tips on Devon's northern and southern coast lines, to our boundaries east and west, the county of Devon, including Torbay, is set to have a very new relationship with Government.

Decision-making powers, until now made by others at Whitehall, are getting ready to transfer from London to Devon and Torbay.

Important decisions will be made by local people about local issues that mean most to Devon and Torbay residents right across the county, including housing, employment and our economy.

The Leader of Devon County Council, Councillor John Hart, has said,

"I firmly believe this will be one of the most ground-breaking developments in decades for the one million people we represent in Devon and Torbay."

We've been asking key sectors within Devon what they think about the proposal. We'd like your comments too.

Don't delay, the consultation closes at 11:59pm on Sunday 24 March, so please let us know what you think before then.