If you know anything about Devon, you will know that the cream tea is a traditional delicacy, it’s true, the first ever recorded version of the cream tea was at a monastery in Tavistock. The monks would create a basic version of what we enjoy today as a simple meal for both themselves and the people of the town who needed nourishment. These days, a cream tea is much more decadent, so much so that you can swap the tea for champagne or prosecco if you choose. One thing that remains the same though is that the Devonshire Cream Tea is a must when visiting Devon and it is practically the law to enjoy one on National Cream Tea Day, which falls this month on the last Friday in June.

Though you might that you’ve had more than enough cream tea over the jubilee weekend, we beg to differ, especially as Her Majesty likes to eat hers the same way that the heathens over the border in Cornwall do. So, this National Cream Tea Day, make sure to enjoy yours the Devon way, we’ve even compiled some tips to make sure that you have the perfect cream tea!

1 – The drink.
So, we’ve already said that you can easily swap the tea for whatever beverage you like, in Devon you’ll find traditional cream teas or ones that are a bit more indulgent where you can have some bubbly. There are even places where you can have a hot chocolate if you have more of a sweet tooth or coffee if you need the energy for exploring. There are even options for the kids that feature soft drinks and juices.
If you are going for tea, it is always best to go for a loose-leaf in a proper tea pot. Allow it to brew for at least three minutes before pouring as this will let the flavour properly infuse. Wherever you choose to stop off for your cream tea will have plenty of options and they will all be brewed to perfection.

2 – The scones.
A cream tea in Devon will usually include freshly baked scones and homemade jam alongside traditional Devon clotted cream. Scones have evolved from another Devon tradition, a Split. Don’t pull it apart, simply twist and it will come apart cleanly.

3 – The toppings.
When your cream tea is served, you’ll be given a pot of cream and a pot of jam to share between you. Don’t be tempted to just dive in with your spoon or knife – instead spoon your desired amount of each on your plate.

4 – The construction.
This is the important bit. Add the cream first and then top with jam. Once that is done, take a bite and savour.

Now you know how to properly construct a cream tea, make sure to enjoy one this National Cream Tea Day – find great places for a cream tea in Devon here.