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Celebrate World Donkey Day in Devon

Did you know that 8 th May is World Donkey Day? Well, now you do! And with donkeys being some of the best loved animals living in Devon today, we thought we’d spend some time celebrating with these donkey facts! How many of these things did you already know? Donkeys have a great memory, they can…

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Five Fun Facts about Devon

Devon is a truly fascinating place and with so much history, you won’t be surprised to learn that there are a number of fun, little known facts about the place. We’ve grouped together some of our favourites to introduce you to this gem of a county. Devon is home to England’s last castle The last…

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Devon’s wild residents

There are a whole host of wildlife, plantlife and birdlife living in Devon, which is no surprise considering the two National Parks, two coastlines and abundance of rural and coastal spaces. Here are some of Devon’s famous wild residents that you might come across during your visit. Dartmoor ponies…

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A-Z of Devonshire sayings

Like many places in the West Country, Devonians have some very unique words for every day objects – for instance, who can stand an apple drain ruining your picnic? Why not brush up on your Devonshire lingo and impress the locals next time you visit? A is for…. Angletwitch (a fidgety child) B is…

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Celebrate Devon poets this World Poetry Day

Is there anywhere more poetic and inspiring than the beautiful landscape of Devon? From those rolling hills, dramatic coastline and never ending moors, there are plenty of sights that can and has inspired the world’s greatest poets. For those that don’t know, World Poetry Day is celebrated on 21 st…

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Top facts about Devon

Want to impress your mates with some little known facts about Devon? Well, we’ve got you covered, here are some interesting facts about the greatest county in the UK! Ever noticed the Devon flag? It’s a green, white and black flag and was chosen by a competition run by the BBC in 2003. The colours…

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