Like many places in the West Country, Devonians have some very unique words for every day objects – for instance, who can stand an apple drain ruining your picnic? Why not brush up on your Devonshire lingo and impress the locals next time you visit?


A is for…. Angletwitch (a fidgety child)

B is for Back se fore (back to front)

C is for Cawtch (a mess)

D is for Drumbeldrone (a bee)

E is for Elfs (tool handles)

F is for Flass (wool)

G is for God’s Cow (ladybird)

H is for Hollee (to shout loudly)

I is for Idden (is not)

J is for Jibber (a stubborn horse)

K is for Kiffy (a left handed person)
L is for Lent Rosums (daffodils)

M is for Maze as a brush (being silly)

N is for No Nort (not having much sense)

O is for Oodwail ( a green woodpecker)

P is for Palsh (slow walking)

Q is for Querking (grunting)

R is for Rimy (damp and cold)

S is for Snishums (sneezing)

T is for Tea Drinkers (a comfy pair of boots)

U is for Umby (later in the evening)

V is for Vitty (a job well done)

W is for Witpot (nonsense)

Y is for Yawning (lambing time)

Z is for Zummit (something)


How many of these did you know?