Cottages in Devon

If you love the freedom of self-catering and want home comforts during your stay in Devon you'll love the range of holiday cottages on offer. Staying in one of Devon’s holiday cottages gives you all the home comforts that you would expect, with freedom, privacy and plenty of space - perfect for families, couples and groups. Here you have the option of preparing food together in fully equipped kitchens, eating out or ordering in. Whatever kind of break you're looking for, cottages provide the perfect base for a romantic get away, a family holiday or a group gathering. 

Relaxing holidays at your own pace

Spending time in Devon is always relaxing thanks to the beautiful scenery, why not book a cottage on one of the National Parks, Dartmoor or Exmoor and immerse yourself in a real rural retreat? One of the main differences with staying in a cottage instead of a hotel or guesthouse is that you can really explore at your own leisure. There are no set times for breakfast or dinner and no curfews. There is also no pressure to leave the site should you want a quiet day in, come and go as much as you like. Cottage holidays are perfect for anyone looking for a family holiday or travelling in a group as you have enough space for all of you to still enjoy your privacy, many of them are also dog friendly, so the whole family can join in!

Don’t feel like confining yourself to the countryside? That doesn't mean you have to rule out a cottage break, you’ll find cottages all over Devon available for hire, giving you plenty of opportunities to explore the whole county. There are traditional cottages complete with thatched roofs and more modern options with all the mod cons located across Devon, from city outskirts, countryside villages and those on the coast where you can really appreciate the beauty of an ocean view. If you choose to stay in the North of Devon, much of the coastline falls within the North Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, guaranteeing you some truly amazing sights.

Cottages are generally privately owned, though there are a number of agencies with a whole portfolio of beautiful cottages for you to choose from. Booking through an agency generally gives you piece of mind, particularly if they are a brand you’ve worked with before and trust. They often have multiple options that they can offer you to best suit your needs, particularly if you need additional space or equipment. On the other hand, booking a privately owned cottage will mean that you can pick up last minute deals and as the owners are likely to be local, you’ll have a ready made tour guide for you to give you the best advice on where to spend your time!

Great food makes self-catering easy

We know you want to leave the chores at home when you go away and that often includes preparing and cooking dinner, but don’t be put off staying at a cottage because most of them are self-catering. With the abundance of good quality local produce and Devon being a haven for foodies, it is easy to find excellent farmer’s markets and farm shops selling a whole host of ingredients so you can make some truly amazing meals. Staying in a cottage over the summer, particularly one with a garden area or some decking is perfect for hosting a BBQ. This is a great thing for groups to do together, and let’s face it, there is something very special about BBQ food in the sunshine, especially if you happen to be near the beach! Alternatively, not wanting to cook gives you the perfect excuse to go out and sample some of the restaurants and bars in the area, many of Devon’s restaurants have received Michelin stars and have chefs that love and appreciate the produce grown in the county, so whether you make it yourself or use it as an excuse to eat out during your stay, you won’t be disappointed.

Cottage highlights