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Exmoor Zoo

Who is afraid of the big bad wolf!

The largest Canid of South America the Maned Wolf has given birth for the first time at Exmoor Zoo. Parents “Sabrina” and “Nephew” have welcomed some “puppy power”, one little puppy has been born (13.04.2023) to two of the smelliest animals in the zoo. Maned wolves are unique! They are not really…

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Meet Exmoor Zoo's honey badgers

Honey badgers, Mr and Mrs Stoffel arrived at Exmoor Zoo over a year ago but it was only in the last two weeks that a safe and escape proof enclosure was finished, so they could come out to play for everybody to see! Tough, intelligent and even capable of fending off Lions when cornered, the newly…

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Something to Marvel at!

“I am the best at what I do and what I do isn’t very nice” Any fan of marvel comics will recognise this quote! With a reputation for strength and ferocity, stocky and muscular, and renown for speed, stamina and durability it is of course Marvel comics character “The Wolverine”. Exmoor zoo is…

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A very Capy Christmas at Exmoor Zoo

Staff at Exmoor Zoo had an extra surprise Christmas present when doing their rounds on Christmas morning - two new capybara pups! The two were event fittingly born in a stable! Capybaras are basically large guinea pigs and have been delighting visitors with their antics over the Christmas period…

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Exmoor Zoo needs your help

Attractions all over Devon have been suffering financial losses since the coronavirus pandemic has seen all tourism stop in the region. Many of them have resorted to launching campaigns to help stay afloat while they wait for the go ahead to reopen. One of the attractions in North Devon that has…

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