There are fewer things better than going on a bracing winter walk through the wilderness and there are fewer places better for such an activity than Devon. If you find yourself in the county over the next few months and head out on a winter walk, here’s some of the wildlife you might expect to spot.

Wildlife found in December

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You might not think there will be much about in December but you’d be wrong! In Devon you may spot the usual creatures, as well as winter birds like redwings and fieldfares. Elsewhere if you’re near the coast, you might be lucky enough to see grey seal pups! While grey seals are most likely to be seen in the summer months, you might spot their pups if you keep your eyes peeled, their pups are white and blend in well, so you’ll have to be a bit eagle eyed if you’re on the look out for them.

Wildlife found in January

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If you’re planning a trip in the New Year, you’ll notice a few changes in the wildlife that’s about compared to December. At this time of year, you may see geese flying around in flocks, particularly if you visit one of the wetlands or nature reserves, as well as certain types of swan. You might even notice a little flash of colour among the trees which will likely be from siskins hopping around. These cute little birds are yellow, so are easier to spot before the leaves grow back.

Wildlife found in February

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February is when you’ll start to notice the spring making an appearance with snowdrops and other flowers starting to pop up. When it comes to wildlife, badgers are often spotted in the evenings around this time of year and you’ll likely see grey herons near waterways and grebes, a duck like bird with interesting markings, too.

Just remember, if you are out and about in nature this winter, make sure to leave everything as you find it, take all your litter with you and don’t approach any wildlife. If you’re taking your dogs, make sure to keep them on leads in built up areas and anywhere there maybe animals nesting. You can find more information about rules for dogs and walkers at the individual sites.