Devon really does have it all – glorious coastline, rolling countryside, an abundance of history and heritage and lots of natural beauty including waterfalls. In fact, one of them is actually the highest in the UK!

Here are four beautiful waterfalls for you to discover while in Devon.

Becky Falls

Located on Dartmoor, Becky Falls is believed to over 12,000 years old and sits over 70ft high and 35ft wide. There are also a couple of smaller falls along the brook for you to enjoy and the surrounding valley is also very pretty, no matter what time of year you visit.


In Devon’s other National Park is Watersmeet which can be found within the largest remaining ancient woodlands in the south west. The site is managed by the National Trust and has several public footpaths for you to view the waterfalls.

Spekes Mill Mouth

Standing at 48 metres high, Spekes Mill Mouth waterfall is within the North Devon Biosphere, an area of rare and beautiful plantlife and animals. You can find it by following the South West Coast Path from Hartland Quay and is an awe inspiring location.

Lydford Gorge

The Whitelady Waterfall at Lydford Gorge is the deepest river gorge in the south west and stands around 30 metres high. The gorge is managed by the National Trust and so there are several paths for you to explore. The waterfall creates a light mist which just adds to the magical atmosphere.

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